Zoe moved from Hamilton in the Western District of Victoria where she was born, and resides in outer suburban Melbourne. She is married with four sons, and has two grandchildren. Her hobbies include cycling, water-colours and gardening.

Zoe loves writing and has spent years putting together the stories of the book A Walk In My Skin.

As a language teacher over many years, Zoe loves her vocation and always learns a lot from her students! She has worked for AMES, Chisholm Institute and Swinburne University of Technology. 

Working with Australian-born as well as migrant learners from many countries, she has seen the need for idiomatic language to be incorporated in the teaching of English, in order to reflect the true nature of native Aussie language. Imagine the confusion of new arrivals to Australia who hear, “Howyagoin?” rather than, “How are you?” Therefore, idiomatic expressions and slang are scattered throughout the book.

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